You thought they were just a fad, but it turns out drones have some sticking power. Last year drone sales continue to rise, and this year will see that trend continue. Drones are being widely used for a variety of purposes from recreational and sporting use through to practical lifesaving application such as in Australia where they have been used to distribute floatation devices to people caught in rips/drowning. We’ve also seen the price tag of these quadcopters and the like come down significantly since they were released.

Here’s some of our best drone picks for 2018:

DJ Phantom 4 – One of the more recognised brands is releasing this model in 2018 and is set to be the must have drone of the year. Priced above the $2,000 mark this drone is capable of offering 4K resolution and can be controlled by an App. It has 4 rotors and comes in at a light 3lb. DJ Phantom 4 also comes available in Pro edition which offers a live video feed of 1080p.

Parrot Disco FPV – If you’re on a tighter budget, this drone is the round for you. At around $700 this is a much lighter, condensed drone with only one rotor. Still offering some good 720 and 1080p resolutions with 15MP camera this is a drone not to be sniffed at. This would be the perfect drone for someone looking to get started and on a smaller budget.