2018 Hottest Technology Products

  • Learn about Self-Driving Cars

We’re well into 2018 now, but what will be the hot trends in technology this year? Will drones continue to be amongst the top selling gadgets? Will there be anything more gimmicky than the touch bar for Apple’s Macbook? Only time will tell what gadgets and gizmos will prove most successful in 2018. But expect the following to

  • Hardware Wallets – With more and more people getting in Cryptocurrencies, it’s only natural that people will be concerned with security their bitcoins, litecoins, ethereums etc. Hardware wallets help protect peoples’ investments and given the many hacks and vulnerabilities online exchanges and software wallets faced in 2017, we anticipate that hardware wallets sales, such as those for the Ledger Nano S and Trezor, will continue to soar.
  • Drones – Annoying as they may be for some people, drones are still retaining and increasing their popularity. Soon, we’ll need some kind of air traffic control for the amount of drones flying the skies. DJI’s Mavic Air will be unveiled at an upcoming drone expo, which will be on the wishlist for many enthusiasts. Expect 2018 to be even bigger for drones.
  • Self-Driving Cars – Lots of headway has been made by automobile manufacturers such as Ford, Tesla and tech companies such as Google in this space. Expect more manufacturers to get in on the action. The big question is affordability on these, and safety given the reported incidents last year with the Tesla X.